The EPSRC nanotechnology image library

Welcome to the EPSRC nanotechnology image library

The library is loosely catalogued into the following subject areas, click on any title to view the associated images or movies:

  1. Soft nanotechnology polymers and smart, environmentally responsive materials.
  2. Bio nanotechnology DNA/RNA structures, proteins, biomimetic and biokleptic nanotechnology.
  3. Nano optics single photon light sources, scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM).
  4. Nano electronics new devices and incremental nanotechnology.
  5. Video library short movies about nano-scale science and technology.

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About the image library

The EPSRC image library was created with grant aid from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Hosted courtesy of the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield Nanotechnology Teaching Portfolio ( If you would like to submit an image(s) for possible inclusion in the library, please contact Andy Eccleston in the first instance at Please note however that we can only consider previously unpublished images and that contributors must agree to the terms and conditions of our Creative Commons License. A link to this can be found at the foot of this page.