What our students say about the nanoscience courses

The courses take in students with a variety of educational backgrounds from around the world. Below are a few of the comments past students have made about their experience of the course

I appreciate the effort of both the universities to collaborate effectively. I am very happy to attend and would recommend this course to anyone interested in this area. The aim of coming here for this Masters’ was to find the area in Nanoscience which would interest me for further studies. I am glad this multidisciplinary course offered different areas thus helping me find my path of academic career.
Shanta Desai (MSc Physics, Goa University, India)

All in all, I thought the course was extremely challenging both in terms of understanding a lot of new material and managing a heavy workload, but again, this is what makes it worthwhile and great preparation for professional life. I was very impressed by the scope of the material and generally the quality of presentation. Personally I got a great deal out of the experience. I think the fact that all the students who took part worked hard from start to finish testifies how engaging and relevant the MSc NST is. Thanks to all concerned in delivering the course. I hope it enjoys continued success.
Laurence Ellison (BSc Physics, Sheffield Hallam University)

This course is an excellent door-opener. It gives you a taste of a wide range of areas that you are not necessarily familiar with. The course allows you to explore them to find the ones that are most suitable to your own future development and career path.
Brett Donovan (BSc Physics, University of York)

This course is practically unique and gives you an overview of new technology. The broad base of the course is excellent as it enables you to explore new areas, find those that you are most interested in and equip you with the knowledge to then pursue them in further study or your future career. The course is excellent; the facilities are excellent; what more can I say?
Suraj Parkash Khanna (B Eng Electronics & Telecommunications, University of Amravati, India)

This course covers a very broad range of disciplines and the challenge was to get to grips with all of these new elements quickly. That made the course hard work but great fun, and it has proved a tremendous opportunity for me to develop my career in new areas.
Charlotte Baden (PhD, University of Bradford)

I am now studying for a PhD in Biophysics and this would not have been possible without the MSc. On the course I studied aspects of biology and chemistry that I was not familiar with but which have now enabled me to expand my horizons.
Rob Harrand (BSc Physics with Astrophysics, University of York)

The most interesting part of the course has been the interdisciplinary nature of the modules, which means I get to study areas that I wouldn’t normally be able to.
Georgina Lovely (BSc Physics, University of Leeds)

A very interesting course. It gives a good insight into present research being carried out and broadens your horizons.
Zabeada Aslam (BSc Physics, University of Leeds)

I decided to study a year abroad and thought that England would be appropriate because I already knew the language and was interested in getting to know how life in Britain is. Then I heard about the partnership between the city of Dortmund and Leeds and the electrical engineering departments. Because of my electrical engineering background I thought the nanotechnology course in Leeds would be very interesting and a good opportunity to deepen my knowledge in physics and also widen it in view of chemistry and biology. What I am enjoying most about the course is that the students come from so many different educational backgrounds and that leading-edge science and technology is presented.
Roland Gentemann (Electronic Engineering, Dortmund University)